Experience Workshop Objective

The objective of the experience workshop is to provide members with a hands on demonstration of the Tormach PCNC 770 Series 3 machine and a general overview of the CNC machining process.

Each workshop is for making a specific part using a program that has been set up by an authorized Tormach user. Guidance will be provided as you load the material and tools in the machine in order to complete the part for you to take home.

The Experience Workshops are not a prerequisite to being an authorized machine user however a 20% deduction will be applied to the cost of Training Workshop 1 if any one of these is successfully completed.

If you are interested in any of these workshops, please contact Kyle Hossler or Mike Ireland. 





Class time is approximately 1.5 hours

Aluminum stock (3.5"x3.5x.5), laser cut acrylic lid, 4 screws, and a bearing ball will be provided.

Before machining, we can modify the text on the back of the maze to anything of your choosing but no images or other fonts are available for this project.

Dice Box (coming soon)



Aluminum Stock - 

Magnets - 

One set of Dice - (All dice are the same color but the color of the set is random)

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