Sawstop 10" Professional Cabinet Saw

The Sawstop 10" Professional Cabinet Saw is 1.75 horsepower and can be used to cut most wood products.  It has a maximum depth of cut of approximately 3 1/8" and can cut panels up to 30" wide.

It has the integrated Sawstop safety feature which both stops the blade and drops it below the table when it comes into contact with skin*.

The addition of this tool to the Make717 woodshop will allow for a whole host of projects that up until this time were not possible with the other tools on hand.

There is a $50 charge for this compulsory introduction.

Learning Path

Videos for the compulsory introduction:

Why we have a Sawstop

Tablesaw Fundamentals

Here is great set of videos to get you started:

Gregory Paolini for Sawstop


  • Tom Shevock
  • Jeff Nolt


There are many great communities for the Sawstop.  Just search on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or virtually any social media platform.  


Sawstop Documentation is available online

Manufacturer Links

Sawstop Professional Cabinet Saw

This link contains information about the sawstop along with a through list of frequently asked questions.

Tips, Tricks, and Hints

  • Always clean up the saw when you are finished
  • Always use dust collection when cutting
  • Always use the blade guard when possible.
  • The riving knife should be used if you can't use the blade guard.

Sign Up for a Compulsory Sawstop Introduction 

This introduction is designed for you to learn the basics of Sawstop, its safety features and how to use the tool in the Make717 space. This is not a class on using a tablesaw if you are not already familiar with doing so.  We anticipate a tablesaw basics class in the future so if you are interested in such a class let us know.

In this introduction we will discuss the various parts of the saw including the safety features. We will demonstrate how to use the blade guard and riving knife, how to change the blade and brake.  We will discuss how to leave the saw at the end of your work session and answer any questions you may have.

In order to register for the introduction you will first need to watch some videos and then take a short quiz.  (SawStop Quiz). You will then be given a code so you can register for the introduction.

Please note that you must register for the introduction and walk-ins will not be accepted.

Keep in Mind:

  • Don't forget to bring in and wear your safety glasses and hearing protection when using the saw!

Allowed Materials Prohibited Materials
 Sheet Goods (Plywood, MDF, etc Metal of any type
Solid wood (Hardwoods, Softwoods) Foil Covered Sheets

 Wood with embedded nails or screws

  Pressure treated lumber or plywood
  Carbonized wood from the laser cutter
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