Laguna 14|BX Band Saw

  • 12″ Resaw
  • Height: 70-¼″
  • Table Size: 21-½″ x 16″
  • Table Height: 38″
  • Table Tilt Left: 7°
  • Table Tilt Right: 45°
  • Dust Ports: 4″ x 2
  • Blade Length: 115″
  • Cast Iron Wheels
  • Magnetic Starter
  • Dual Light Mount
  • Max. Blade Width: ¾″
  • Pyramid-Shaped Spine
  • Min. Blade Width: ⅛″
  • Footprint: 17-½″ x 22-½″
  • Quick Release Tension
  • Magnetic Blade Guard
  • Laguna Ceramic Guides
  • Hi/Low Aluminum Fence
  • Worm Gear Rack & Pinion
  • Massive Cast Trunion: 8″ x 13″
  • Shipping Weight: 350lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H): 73″ x 27″ x 29″

Further details can be found on the manufactures web page.

When Using this Saw:

  • Read the users manual.  An orientation is not required however you must read the manual before using the first time.  A hard copy is available in the Woodworking Room at make717 or at this link, 14|BX Manual  at the manufacturer.
  • Eye and Hearing protection are required when using this saw.  Both are available at make717 in the hallway.  Use of dust mask are at your discretion. 
  • Use dust collection.  This saw has been configured with a 4" port to tie to the make717 dust collection system.
  • If you changed blades, please change the blade back to the 3/8 inch blade when you are finished.
  • Disconnect the power when changing blades!
  • When finished do not leave tension on the blade.  Move the lever on the rear of the saw to the downward position.  Conversely when you are getting ready to use the saw, move the lever to the up position to put tension on the blade.
  • Report any issues to the MIC.
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