make717 Apparel

make717 has partnered with Image Wizard to offer branded apparel.  Purchases from the store help support make717's mission.  Visit the store here:

Discounts Available through make717

make717 has established relationships with a few vendors for supplies commonly used for projects.  Please see Ben or Bruce for details about what these discounts cover and how to pursue purchases.

50% Discount on 80/20 Hardware

These are through Intek Systems, Inc.

30% Discount on Some Adafruit Items

This discount is on some but not all items sold by (mostly Adafruit developed items) as make717 is listed through their hackerspace reseller program.  Each order must be for $250 or greater and therefore qualifies for free shipping.  Ben or Bruce can get you online with their site to determine discounts when you have a need but we will need to wait until the $250 threshold can be reached to place the order.

Programs that Financially Benefit make717


make717 has registered as a charity under the AmazonSmile program.  Start all of your Amazon purchases at instead of and 0.5% of qualified purchase amounts will be donated to our cause.  The first time doing this you will be asked to pick a charity to benefit from many of your purchases and make717 will be in that list.

Primetime hours for maker members
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4pm - 9pm
Saturday 10am - 9pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm

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